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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year! Begone 2010! :)

It has been a week since my last (first, also) blog, so I guess I'll probably be blogging every Saturday, or there abouts. Before I start, I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2011 is a great year, even though it won't be. I am not excited to be honest.

Today was pretty bland. Stayed at home all day other than church. Played Black Ops, that I got yesterday. I am enjoying that game, I admit. I had low expectations, but decided to spend £45 on it anyway because its just been Christmas! I watched Wall E also. Didn't seem appealing to me when it first came out, but none the less, I enjoyed the film. It was on TV.

Chrurch was average. This is the second Saturday in a row I have been to Church. That is because last week was Christmas Mass, and tomorrow I am off to Reading to visit my Grandma. Speaking of Reading, that is also the football team I support. They lost to Swansea 1-0, which wasn't a bad result, actually. I plan on watching one of their games, at least, this season.

Before I go, one more thing. If you have Sky1 then listen up. You should watch The Middle. It's a fairly new comedy to Sky, and I really enjoy it. Season one was dissapointing, but the second season has been great! If you've never seen it, its on in the evenings usually, on Sky1.

Not much to add really. Not nearly as long an entry as last weeks. It is my dad's birthday soon, so while my mother and him go abroad for four days, my brother and I have the house to ourselves. Probably end up at home the whole time anyway...

Until next Saturday (probably), I'm out of here!
- Josh

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