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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Wtf is this?

Forgot I had this. Oh well, not like anyone reads it anyway. I'll leave now. Bye.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Quick Update & Booksie!

Bonjour, my audience!

I had a fun day today! Off to Reading I went to see my family! Played lots of games and ate nice food! Got home and played more Call of Duty... Not very productive, but still entertaining!

Only one thing to say really. I have started writing again! I have opened a new account on Booksie! Check it out please!

I'm hoping that link works! Currently I am working on a novel based in Yemen. The first chapter will be up soon!

I am off, just a quick update today really!
For now, Josh.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year! Begone 2010! :)

It has been a week since my last (first, also) blog, so I guess I'll probably be blogging every Saturday, or there abouts. Before I start, I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2011 is a great year, even though it won't be. I am not excited to be honest.

Today was pretty bland. Stayed at home all day other than church. Played Black Ops, that I got yesterday. I am enjoying that game, I admit. I had low expectations, but decided to spend £45 on it anyway because its just been Christmas! I watched Wall E also. Didn't seem appealing to me when it first came out, but none the less, I enjoyed the film. It was on TV.

Chrurch was average. This is the second Saturday in a row I have been to Church. That is because last week was Christmas Mass, and tomorrow I am off to Reading to visit my Grandma. Speaking of Reading, that is also the football team I support. They lost to Swansea 1-0, which wasn't a bad result, actually. I plan on watching one of their games, at least, this season.

Before I go, one more thing. If you have Sky1 then listen up. You should watch The Middle. It's a fairly new comedy to Sky, and I really enjoy it. Season one was dissapointing, but the second season has been great! If you've never seen it, its on in the evenings usually, on Sky1.

Not much to add really. Not nearly as long an entry as last weeks. It is my dad's birthday soon, so while my mother and him go abroad for four days, my brother and I have the house to ourselves. Probably end up at home the whole time anyway...

Until next Saturday (probably), I'm out of here!
- Josh

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day!

Saturday is probably the second best day to have Christmas on! Sunday being the best as you do not need to go to church twice! Well that is a thirteen year old's point of view, and I am sure my views on my Catholic religion will change within now and the time I am a fully mature adult. Maybe then I will have a more positive perspective on Catholisism. Or I won't. Only time will tell, I suppose. Anyway, the reason for Saturday being a good day is because nobody is likely to be working. It's not as if many people work on Christmas day anyway, but who cares? I just wanted a boring way to start this entry to try and deter you away from my horribly boring and grammaticly-unsound blog.

Anyway, less about the days of the week and more about me! I'm not trying to say that in an arrogant way, I was just pretending to be arrogant. But that means I was trying to be arrogant. I am not being arrogant, I am just portraying it. So let's say (type) that again. I am trying to say that in an arrogant way, whilst not actually being of an arrogant state of mind. You happy now? Well, I am the subject of the blog, so really it would make sense for me to write about, well, me! Continuing, we had snow today. It didn't snow but it has been snowing a lot recently, so there was a lot of snow on the ground. Also a lot of ice and mush. Can't have been an easy journey for my mother, and I insist you applaud her on her 'trek'. You will probably never meet her unless you are related to her, or a friend of hers, but applaud her anyway. It would make her happy.

We arrived at our destination eventually, with bags full of presents for our kind hosts for the day. I have not yet told you where we were heading, or who we were meeting, so I shall tell you in a few years time. Or I could just tell you now, which I will do. My cousins house. There we met my three cousins, uncle, auntie, grandma and my cousin's girlfriend of many years. I could not see the happiness on their faces as my family and I arrived, as there was none. And I am not surprised. Who would want to be in a house with my brother?

If you're wondering, my Christmas present from my parents was a television of my very own. It is perched here beside me as I type this up on my trusty iPod Touch of two years, for once making use of the auto-correct feature, my finger work hindered by my lack of energy. I am rather tired.

The meal our hosts prepared for use was quite something, I must add. My auntie had the biggest role in the meal, I believe, but I have little doubt that others helped as well. I enjoyed most of my time at the meal, except from the times when my brother spoke, which was quite a lot. Ruined the meal, in my opinion. I have nothing against my brother other than one thing: he is my brother. We were put there to pretend to hate each other. And  that is what we do. I feel that by hating on my twenty year old brother, I am serving one of my life's few purposes.

Soon after the meal we came to the presents opening. Not to long a ago I would have got over excited and ended up opening someone else's present, which has happened to me before. The magic of Christmas has faded away for me this year. Sure, I could get up at 6 in the morning to open a new Pokemon game, or a DJ deck that never got used, but that is truly just complete effort. There wasn't anyway near as much this year. The TV was great and I really appreciated it. Along with that came three hoodies, a top, and a couple books my Ricky Gervais. I am going to try and use everything I got this year. I am more mature and appreciative this year. Even if it's a brain you grow in water, which I did get. Christmas is about seeing family, accepting what you get, and giving to others. Oh yeh and also the birth of Jesus Christ. I ended up with a large sum of money by the end of the day. My family is rather generous, and I thank them very much. I wad not an elf this year. I couldn't be bothered to go (Togo according to my iPod) around the room handing out presents like previous years. Too much effort.

It comes naturally to me to try and take control of games at Christmas. Not a great feat if you asked me. But you don't have to ask me if you dont want to. I don't want you to, so there's not much point really. Anyway, just because I find it rather easy to understand to instructions  to games I instinctively come up and take charge, and sometimes start shouting (very similarly to my dad; I must get it from him). Each year I try less and less to do this, but I always do in the end. I just tell myself I'm going to try harder next year, but why would that ever help? Geez Josh, get a grip! Charades is my favorite Christmas game by far!

And so concludes Christmas day, and also my first entry to this unentertaining blog of mine. You'll probably never return so whatever, Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great Christmas as well!